Essay about cancer disease

Lymphomas cause excessive production of lymphocytes, which originate in the lymph nodes and spleen. This type of cancer originates from skin or cells which lines the internal organs.

Tumor Suppressor Genes or Anti-Oncogenes: However, chemotherapy sometimes makes you feel sick after the drugs get into the body. Many people are not aware of the early symptoms of this disease.

They originate due to alterations of genes that control cell growth. Among the variety of different types of cancer, one of the most common is lung cancer; the environment in which people live in the 21st century greatly contributes to the development of this type of cancer.

Although normal cells can also be affected by ionizing radiation, they are usually better able to repair their DNA damage. Side effects of chemotherapy vary from each patient. The can result from radiation to any treatment site.

Technological advances have permitted the development of machines with increased energy, allowing for precise treatments of deep seated tumors with less damage to superficial tissues.

Therefore, analysing the causes of cancer involves the understanding how one cell is changed or transformed, from a normal cell to a cancerous one. After that, the administration of the medication is usually painless. A substance causing abnormality in the cell leading to cancer is known as carcinogen.

The tumour cells behave like foetal cells rather than adult cells hence fast mitosis. Biological therapies use the body's immune system, either directly or indirectly, to fight cancer or to lessen side effects that may be caused by some cancer treatments.

This type of cancer originates from skin or cells which lines the internal organs.

Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment

Genetics play a major role as a causative factor. So social consciousness should be developed for early detection. The following aspects can be attributed to the cause of cancer: Transformation represents a gain-of-function in which a Proto- oncogene is activated either because of its acquisition by a retrovirus this generates a viral oncogene or v-onc or its activation by mutation or by association with new regulatory sequences due to recombination, leading to its expression where it is usually not expressed or an over expression in the tissue of its usual expression this generate cellular oncogenes or c-onc.

Because tumors can arise from a variety of cell types located in different tissues and organs, some basic conventions have been established to facilitate the naming of tumors.

There can be various reasons that lead to cancerous growths in the body. This is because the chemotherapy may be absorbed slowly through the muscular tissues and into the bloodstream. Again, the choice of treatment is different for different patients. Synthesis of isoenzymes which are characteristic of foetal cells and lacking in adult cells.

Excessive smoking has been found to be associated with lung cancer, cancer in urinary bladder, mouth, throat, larynx etc. Radiation treatments can be administered externally or internally, depending on the type and extent of the tumor, however only external radiation can be administered in an out-patient basis.

Another alarming case is that among all the lung cancer patients only 0. Most forms of skin cancer, for example, are easily cured and skin cancer is not a major source of cancer deaths, even though it is the most common type of cancer.

Certain forms of cancer have a tendency to spread to the nervous system. Neither does anyone else lol unless your a CEO of a drug company. Because viral genome insertion is not specific to proto-oncogenes and the chance of insertion near that proto-oncogene is low, slowly-transforming viruses have very long tumor latency compared to acutely-transforming viruses, which already carry the viral oncogene.

Genetic predisposition and environmental factors together play an important role. Weight management along with reduced intake of alcohol and trans fats in the diet can help in prevention of the disease.

Cancer is one of the most important non-infectious or non-communicable diseases. This data is proof enough to describe the serious complications of smoking. The mutant genes have no control over normal functioning of the cell. Prolonged exposure to asbestos fibers is associated with mesothelioma.

Essay Cancer I. Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by an uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. If the spread of these abnormal cells is not controlled, cancer can cause death.

Most cancers take the form of tumors, although not all tumors are cancers.

Cause of Lung Cancer

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- Prostate Cancer Cancer of the prostate, a common form of cancer, is a disease in which cancer (malignant) cells are found in the prostate.

Essay about cancer disease

The prostate is on the male sex glands, and is located just below the bladder and in front of the rectum. Essay on Cancer: Types, Causes and Treatment. Many people are not aware of the early symptoms of this disease.

What is Cancer? ADVERTISEMENTS: The growth of multicellular animals occurs due to addition of new cells. The old or existing cells divide by mitosis to form new cells.

This division is controlled and regulated by some factors. Free words Essay on cancer for school and college students. Cancer is not a communicable disease but it is one of the most life-taking diseases, if not detected or cured at initial stages.

Genetics and lung diseases in one’s genetics can also become significant risk factors of lung cancer. For example, if a person’s mother, father, sibling, aunt, uncle, or grandparent has had lung cancer, the chances of this person developing lung cancer slightly increases.

Essay about cancer disease
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Essay about cancer disease